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Citizen Charter of Divisional Secretariat

An efficient and effective public service under the National Policies to build sustainable development for our Division which was affected by War and Natural disaster


An excellent public service through new technologies with the cooperation of Government Departments and Non Governmental Organizations



  1. To prepare plans and Implement such plans for Divisional Development.
  2. To identify disasters in the Division and take steps to face such disasters in an action oriented way.
  3. To identify issues related to uplift the living condition of the poor people and to take steps to overcome them.
  4. To welcome people in a pleasing and pleasant manner and render necessary service to them.
  5. To classify the needs of the people into there categories: Urgent, Important and routine and serve them in that order.
  6. To adhere to the three day rule and if necessary to forward temporary reply.
  7. To improve the efficiency of the officers and help them in developing their career development programmes.
  8. To maintain better understanding among various organization in the Divisional level and coordinate their activities effectively.
  9. To improve the service condition of all categories of employees.
  10. To improve the environmental standards of the Institutions.

To maintain and improve the cultural standards.

Divisional Secretary
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